Boat Tours

5 terre Excursions

During your stay in Levanto, ROSA DEI VENTI will offer you the opportunity to experience and experience in an exclusive way the natural and scenic beauties of this beautiful stretch of the Ligurian coast. While browsing we will have the opportunity to admire from the sea and then visit the characteristic fishing villages of the 5 Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore and push us to Portovenere, Isola Palmaria and Tino, places famous in Italy and around the world for the their beauty, proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We will visit these authentic pearls of beauty through the “CREUZE and the CARRUGGES” and everyone can indulge as they see fit: from shopping to a visit to the historical and cultural heritage, until discovering the culinary art offered by the characteristic seaside restaurants. During the excursions, stops will be made in beautiful coves to immerse themselves in the waters of the Marine Park of the 5 Terre.

Recommended time: departure at 10.00 am – return 2.00 pm / 3.00 pm

Daily Escursions

During the day several excursions are planned: with the Pequod, we will go to the discovery of old emotions … in search of distant and forgotten worlds. We will visit beautiful bays and coves, we will go to the discovery of beautiful caves, such as Grotta del Gabbiano, Grotta dell’Elefante, Grotta del Diavolo, and Grotta Rossa …., We will dive into the beautiful waters of the Marine Protected Area in the Cinque Terre Park accompanied by the gulling flight of seagulls and, with a little luck, by sightings of large cetaceans and dolphins which, like crazy brushes of an equally crazy painter, with their games, draw surreal figures on an infinite canvas of fantasy. Every evening excursion with aperitif at sunset.
Afternoon excursion at 3:00 pm, return at 17:00. Price € 50.00 per person. Children up to 6 years € 25.00.
Sunset excursion with aperitif, price € 50.00 per person. Children up to 6 years € 25.00:
Spring / Autumn departure at 5:30 pm, return at 7:30 pm
Summer departure at 7.00 pm, return at 9.00 pm

Night excursion to Vernazza

In addition, for those who want to try a new and special experience, every night, night excursion to Vernazza with “drink” in the moonlight.

Departure at 20:30, return at 24:00 (the time of departure and return will vary depending on the period). Price € 50.00 per person.