Daily Escursions

During the day several excursions are planned: with the Pequod, we will go to the discovery of old emotions … in search of distant and forgotten worlds. We will visit beautiful bays and coves, we will go to the discovery of beautiful caves, such as Grotta del Gabbiano, Grotta dell’Elefante, Grotta del Diavolo, and Grotta Rossa …., We will dive into the beautiful waters of the Marine Protected Area in the Cinque Terre Park accompanied by the gulling flight of seagulls and, with a little luck, by sightings of large cetaceans and dolphins which, like crazy brushes of an equally crazy painter, with their games, draw surreal figures on an infinite canvas of fantasy. Every evening excursion with aperitif at sunset.

Afternoon excursion at 3:00 pm, return at 17:00. Price € 50.00 per person. Children up to 6 years € 25.00. Sunset excursion with aperitif, price € 50.00 per person. Children up to 6 years € 25.00:

  • Spring / Autumn departure at 5:30 pm, return at 7:30 pm
  • Summer departure at 7.00 pm, return at 9.00 pm